Daily Mystic For Monday May 2

So, by now you will have had some form of New Moon Solar Eclipse realization, erupted or released something pent-up/overly rigid/dated and turned the whole deal into a robust fresh standard or protocol.

Develop it over the coming week for extra resilience and rapid results. The “release” factor of this New Moon came from its proximity to ingenious Uranus, the liberator…and agitator!

If you can handle the restlessness and irritation with conventional paradigms, the Sun-Uranus conjunction from May 4 to 6 could spring a welcome surprise related to the scenario most on your mind over Saturday/Sunday.

At the same time, use this week’s epic Earth harmonics to get as much done/sorted as possible ahead of mid-May’s Merc-Retro/Scorpionic Lunar Eclipse combo!


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