Daily Mystic For Monday 25 April

We are heading into the monthly Dark Moon phase, that is, the Moonwane ahead of the New Moon. It’s a natural part of the lunar rhythm but when the New Moon is an Eclipse, everything is exaggerated. If you’re relaxed, you’re super-chill, if you’re busy, it feels like an existential battle.

Why are they so intense? A New Moon is always the Sun and Moon together and as you may know, they’re sensational for start-ups. In Taurus, like the one next weekend, the New Moon lends itself to tangible beginnings and it’s often a regenerative moon for sensuality and money.

When it’s an Eclipse, the Sun-Moon conjunction is more pronounced and it pulls in the Moon’s Nodes. So the New Moon renewal is more likely to be a definitive step forward or course correction.  The Moonwane before it can be ennervating as you bring your psyche up to speed with your intellect/the times.

They can be regenerative for individuals and relationships yet divisive when one person is jiving with the eclipse and a friend or lover has their hands over their ears, singing tunelessly to drown out the new melody.  This post has more info on how eclipses affect relationships and this one is about the strange numerology and patterns they form over the years.

The Solar Eclipse New Moon is @10° Taurus on April 30 at 20.28 Universal Time. (It’s followed by a Scorpio Eclipse which I’ll talk about in another D.M.) You can check the Moon-Cal for the time in your zone, of course.

So the 10° Taurus bit of your birth chart* is where you can expect an opportunity to gain new ground, to establish something substantial. It will be ultra-powered if you have the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Node or planet there or nearby.

Finally, Taurean Eclipses are often super-psycho-somatic – even if you’re the sort of person who lives more in your head or ethereally, you feel things -everything – in your body at this time.


*If you don’t know your chart, check out my Power Moons report as that shows the placement of each New and Full Moon for a year, as well as suggestions for maximizing them – the Daily Personal Horoscopes also show the house the Moon is in but with less “notice” and without the more extensive info of Power Moons.

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My South Node is at 10’30 Taurus, in the 12th house (28 Taur rising). Bring it on!


My Taurus sun is 7 degrees & this new moon eclipse occurs 3 days after my 50th birthday on the day I am celebrating.
sounds significant!

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