Daily Mystic For Friday 4-Sunday 6 March

This is the most profound point of the Venus-Mars-Pluto interplay, so apologies for the granularity and list format, but this will be useful.

(1) Since early November last year and perhaps even since the Saturn-Pluto conjunction zone of late 2019/early 2020, you’ve been on some form of daunting but worthwhile personal-development* trip.

(2) For clues as to the likely scene/theme of it, look to where Pluto is transitting in your natal chart – you can get a Year Ahead chart if you don’t know your birth chart or would like my delineation.

(3) Your most potent misgivings, dreams, realizations, and resolve from the last 24 hours until March 5 are the hot zone for this. Stay with it  – even the psychological sludge, remorse, or ick factor – and the payoff will be worth it.

(4) Mars and Venus are both exact conjunct Pluto now and until they move into Aquarius within minutes of each other this weekend. That is occurring on Sunday from 06.23 AM until 06.30 AM Universal Time. They stay conjunct in Aquarius for a few more days, suggesting the opportunity to sync your hard-won empowerment with thought patterns and ingenuity.

(5) Now, until they reach Aquarius is a Zap Zone which, gnarly confrontations or resurgent emotions aside, will have fantastic results. All you have to do is shun denial or your usual flow-chart/drop-down menu list of reactions.  The same goes for relationships – this could be a rebirth moment.

*In this case, ‘personal’ means really personal: it is probably something super-internal and not a process you would share with others.

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Hi Mystic! I was wondering if this image is a some kind of data graph, or a vector image? I love the colours so much and using the image as inspiration for a part of my “colourburst” embroidery series. I’m stitching for self care in flood-affected Lismore. I’m safe and dry, thankfully. My heart aching for my community for all that has been lost. I’m vibing these colours for positive outcomes from this experience.
I hope you feel better soon!


This sounds cool, well reads cool enough that will approach with Saggo faith and optimism. Its always a good tonic for inforecasted blips in reality. I’m thinking I’ll be journeying back to 2019-20.

No apology…detail always appreciated.

Christina H

Agreed! I appreciate the detailed list of all of these elements. Thanks, Mystic!


Agree…love the detailed lists!!!!

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