Daily Mystic For Friday 13 to Sunday 15 May

Five Ways To Fly* Through  Friday to Monday’s Crazy Astro:

(1) Fixed Sign energy is a major feature of this astro-atmosphere: you’ve probably gathered that it’s a good idea to avoid the negative expression of the Fixed modality – rigidity, scorning dissent, control tripping etc.

But you can also tap into the beneficial potential of this Fixed sign emphasis: focus, purpose, persistence, will-power and self-mastery. It’s great for task-completion and relinquishing rancid habits.

(2) Pluto augments the Taurean Sun: If you are grappling with weighty mundane issues, think transformation. First your attitude or an essential assumption and then later, when Mercury is Direct in early June, the protocols. Even the teensiest mind-morph or determination to evolve something practical will have outside benefits at this time.

(3) Mars and Neptune support the Scorpio Moon: If you’re going brilliantly with worldly matters but struggling emotionally, think subtle energies and creating space to reconnect with your intuitive wisdom. Full Moon stress often comes from suppressed instincts surging up regardless.

(4) The Saturn square with Mercury Retro – both in Air signs – could mean that a glitch or communications freeze becomes more overt to the point that you have to solve it. If so, aim for a fresh, innovative response – not a retread or half-hearted solution you embrace out of not wanting to learn something new.

(5) This is the sort of Eclipse that evokes past life/metaphysical wow-factor magical phenoms, awareness and memories – be open to wild synchronicity and lucid dreaming or second sight.

*Or glide, cruise, tip-toe, strut…whatever works.

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2 & 4 – I was vaguely contemplating trading in my car to better suit my needs but in no rush. However, I had an accident this week where it was written off and am now forced to get a new one. I hate shopping generally and often find myself buying things I’ve put off during mercury retrograde, just not usually under such intense circumstances #treeclipse #mercuryconjunctnataljupiter #saturnsquarenatalnorthnode

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