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Mars Conjunct Ascendant Style

What is the ultimate Mars conjunct Ascendant style? Well, you’d say red as it is the classic Mars color but we’re talking about Mars in Libra. Dear Mystic, I feel as if I want to dress too many styles at once. At one moment I want to evoke a super vampy vibe, and at the next, I want to be an Instagram beauty with a style that rivals the Kardashians. …

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Kesha’s Incredible Saturn Return

The machinations of fame and wealth and power lend themselves readily to abuse, but they also comprise the vehicle that can radiate songs to as many listeners as Kesha’s have reached. That she waited nearly a decade to publish her allegations only points to the predicament in which most survivors find themselves: Abuse makes you who you are, but you can still be that person without suffering it interminably. More …

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My Review/Your Chance to Win Strange Invisible Leo Scent

I think Leo scent and i think BIG scent. I can’t help it. I think designer, i think weapons-grade-if-you-hurl-it-across- the-dressing-room-in-a-tantrum-at-the-set-design flacon.  I think frag that says to the door-bitch – any door, any dimension, any club, any planet, any bitch – that a Star is entering. The Strange Invisible Leo scent, being ethno-botanical and organic etc – may not carry enough petro-chemical oomph to carry the essence of ARRIVED.  Not …

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Saturn Square Venus Beauty Tips

Transiting Saturn square Venus is a tricky little transit as it can sink you into gloom around your Venusian prospects. But it’s fab for beauty. Seriously!  I swear to Chronos that this some sort of strange, Saturnine genius. So, a la the post recently, i have been doing orofacial myology, which honestly re-aligns your face so it’s more symmetrical and firm.  You have to do all the work yourself (totally …

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Style Your Ascendant: Pisces Rising

To be Pisces Rising is to be ruled by Neptune, God of Shamanic Awareness, Glamour, Fashion, Nightclubs & Drugs, amongst many other things. Pisces Rising peeps can find it difficult to get a grip on their look or even how they transmit to other peeps.  Some of them rise to the challenge, becoming chameleons of style and official fashion icons because they’re so insanely mutable, they’re never going to bore …

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Scary Seventies Scorpio Hair Tips

Scorpio hair in the olden days was scary enough. But boggle at the patronizing way they describe the Scorpio Girl personality. Seriously, who knew that in the 70s – a decade with Pluto in Libra – sellotape/scotch tape was actually a hair accessory. And not only that, particularly pushed at “Scorpio Girls.”   Oh but wait, this is from 1970, the final years of Pluto in Virgo. Maybe a late-era peak-Pluto-in-Virgo …

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