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Brazilian model in feather hat

Astro-Beauty; Hats

The Mercury Retrograde before last, I was looking at some old photos that Not-The-Typical-Virgo had somehow retrieved from one of her secret stores of clutter. And it was like looking at postcards from another dimension. Why were we so skinny & pale? Who was the drippy looking guy she was clinging to like a parasite vine? What kind of slacker life did we lead that we were depicted working our …

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Astrology, Fashion and Virgos

Fashion and Virgos The most over-represented sign of the Zodiac in the fashion industry? Virgos.  When you think about it, it makes sense. It’s an industry that is fast moving enough to satisfy a Mutable sign and heavy on the nuance. Fashion is perfect for workaholic details freaks. They get paid for obsessing over hemlines, the contemporary relevance of a model’s new bangs, detailing on handbags, the nuances of breaking …

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Are You Wearing Your Rising Sign Style?

Does your look match your Rising Sign Style? Your Rising and/or Ascendant sign really is your best look. Note: Rising Sign and Ascendant are the same thing. (If you do not know it but you do know your time of birth, you can find out via one of my Astral DNA Natal Birth Reports.) The very Virgo Edith Sitwell once quipped something along the lines of that if you are …

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Jourdan Dunn on bike

Astro-Beauty: Do U Give A Shit Re Shoes & Y?

Shoe love & the foot fetish thing is so often ascribed to Pisces – but I have loads of stuff in Pisces and I am SO immune to shoe-fetish or even the usual tastes of wimmyn. Seriously, my fashionista friends FREAK at me – the thing is that MY beauty dollar goes to skincare & scent – whereas theirs is sent toward shoes and handbags. They have stuff on them …

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Witch Fashion Goth

Astro-Beauty: How Goth Would You Go?

Were you ever a Goth and/or would you consider adding a Gothic subtone to your look??? I tried to be a Goth (blonde hair dyed jet black, black lace, crinolines etc) and certainly had enough Gothic tastes (gin, Baudelaire, Wuthering Heights, Victoria Holt novels, teen angst, The Cure, intense crushes that nothing could quench except for when they were requited) but looked like a mental patient escapee. These days, whilst …

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fashionable rich woman in kaftan

The Leo Academic’s Wife

When, how, why and would you wear a kaftan???  If not in THIS life, what is the imaginary life in which an ornate kaftan would be appropriate. This character – above – looks like she’s been married a long time to the professor of physics she met when she was a budding student & he her tutor. And now she’s about ready to bust out. There are some amazing images …

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