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Carmen Dell'Orefice Revlon

Astro-Secrets Of The World’s Longest Working Supermodel

I read about the model  Carmen Dell’Orefice every now and then in one of those Fabulousness Of Fabulosity articles in fash mags. She’s a legend in the modelling world, having just turned 80 & been in consistent work for the last 60+ years.  She nude-modelled for Dali as a teenager. Her passport photograph is by Lord Lichfield.  She is about to have her Uranus Return! She’s not planning to retire …

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Carine Roitfeld with leopard

Virgos Of Fashion In Dialogue Re Being Virgos

Interview Magazine  LAGERFELD: What I think is particularly accomplished with you is that you always have a vision of fashion and a fashionable woman, but you also have a very successful life as a family woman. You have beautiful, intelligent children and they give you stability and credibility in the eyes of others. ROITFELD: It’s because I’m a Virgo. Either you are a good Virgo or a crazy Virgo! The …

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Chez Scorp

I LOVE the author Neil Gaiman and voila, here is his library. Just when i was thinking books-are-clutter-Kindle this and Kindle that. But maybe NO?! He is a Scorpio. Citing your Sun Sign, if you had total room and budget for a library is this how you would do it? Does it induce bibliophilia in you too? Or do you still think minimalist with the aid of technology, thank you?

Astro-Decor: Tres Taurus Or Not?

This is the apartment of fashion designer Alexander Wang, a Taurus. So, okay, this confirms my long-held belief that Taurus peeps are actually Neanderghouls at heart. That is a lot of animal skin, no? And note the couch, Taurus Central. But this one does not look squishy enough for a Taurus, even a GOTH Taurus. There is probably another couch someplace and it looks more like a gigantic furry amoeba. …

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Kim Kardashian in Wildfox astrology tee

The Truth About Taurus and Librans?

Never, ever EVER did i ever think i would be featuring Kim Kardashian here and honestly, i am NOT really. It’s her t-shirt.  It’s Wildfox btw. Clearly Wildfox are trading in Astro-Cliches and it’s cute but are Libra peeps really hopeless romantics? This may be a myth. It’s more that they so love to have someone around to crush on, adore them, wait for a phone call from, analyze their …

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Astrological Teenage Bedrooms

Multi-Scorp Chloe Sevigny in her teenage bedroom Picture One. Multiple Scorpio Chloe Sevigny in her teenage bedroom Picture Two I can’t figure out this out either but suspect Pic One is of the era and Pic Two is of the now? She’s super-Scorpio – v.good at knowing how to work the mystique by rarely doing actual media but producing her own images/words when it suits and always tantalizing. These are …

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