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The Genius Of Magic

So Saturn squaring my Moon in the 9th house has turned the upcoming Sorceress Astro-Report into a labyrinthine vortex of research. I’m not satisfied with the usual definitions of anything. A few years ago I might have been content with info from Wikipedia, Crystalinks, my Women’s Encylopedia of Myths & Secrets, and what I remembered from a lifetime of reading myth/magic. Now? I have made notes from books like Astral …

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The Solstice Is Old Magic

Old Magic is different to New Magic. The Ancient Celts did not count the days – only the nights. Perhaps that reflected their belief in unseen energies; their worlds of fairies and elementals were not a side fancy. Before Christianity, they knew that – to quote the Sun-Uranus in Gemini poet W. B. Yeats  “there is another world, but it is in this one.” The Solstices and Equinoxes that always …

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Magica De Spell Duck Tales

When Is The Magica De Spell Movie?

Where is the Magica De Spell movie? Surely it is time. Seen most recently in Duck Tales 2017, her first appearance was December 1961, making her a Sagittarius or Capricorn. I opt for the latter, given that she lives on Mt Vesuvius. Securing yourself a high and dry mountain lair is very Capricorn, witch or not. And think of her tenacity: she has been after Uncle Scrooge’s lucky dime for …

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crystal ball fashion

Where Should I Buy A Crystal Ball From?

A simple email asking for my crystal ball recommendations has opened up a whole new line of thought! Hi Mystic! A friend gifted me a very witchy base for a crystal ball. I fell down a rabbit hole on the internet looking for a place to get one that didn’t feel like snake oil (Amazon) or like I was being ripped off (Etsy). What do you think of scrying? Are …

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Hex Wives Is An Awesome Omen

Hex Wives fits the astrology. It is super-now. Being a Mercury in Aries person, I’m either one-click grabbing something to read the moment I hear of it or it is energetically irrelevant.  Hex Wives was a click-to-order so fast that my fingers spasmed. To me, the impending release of Hex Wives is an awesome omen. It’s like someone data-mined my brain while I was sleeping. What is it? It’s a …

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