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woman doing yoga with snake outdoors

D.I.Y. Astro: You Don’t Have To Be Scorpio To Be Plutonic

Allan Amato This picture reminds me of my friend the Scorpio Sex Academic.  Scorps live intensely. She’s busy racing between training to be a Shaman, lecturing on sexual politics, pulling on Adult Friend Finder (semi-eligible ones too, by some weird miracle), perfecting chakra awakening Khundalini yoga poses & being quite a supportive friend.  That’s our Scorp. But you don’t need to be an actual Sun Sign Scorpio to be Plutonic. Read More…


Fashion Toast Mars has just 14 more days until it is Direct. Before then, no batty hair urges, lawsuits or random bitcherel. This applies to Aries, Leo and Capricorn in particular… What’s good about Mars Retro in Leo? You have most likely drawn up a powerful & strategic ‘battle plan’ in recent months & that’s brilliant. Benefits show up radically in mid-May. I don’t mean no advance till early JuneRead More…

Art - girl in love

Koi No Yoken & Spider Dreaming

The Japanese phrase Koi No Yoken apparently refers to the sensing of an impending love affair: perhaps at first meeting or maybe just a feeling that you are about to encounter someone out of the norm. It’s v.much of the now as Venus sextiles Pluto on the eve of a magical conjunction between Chiron & Neptune. Anyone with even a nano of intuitive brain cells is a sex-psychic this week.Read More…

mermaids sandcastle art

La Luna Waxing In Pisces, Chiron & Neptune

Victor Pivovarov Happy New Moon & hey, it’s already whizzed into Pisces. A Waxing Moon in Pisces is a beautiful thing, other-worldly and mega-fluid. Apart from sticking to the core Saturn Girl plan for the year – whatever you absolutely VOWED to sort last Nov and even more so in late Jan/early Feb, this week is one in which magical realism works heaps better than logic. Dream big, think poeticRead More…

Moebius angel with pagan gods

You Are Now Entering Scorpville

You are now entering Scorpville. The Moon is in Scorpio & making beneficial aspects to Jupiter/Pluto. This is powerful regenerative energy and with it comes the Mercury-Uranus sextile: eureka moments galore. When Mercury is in league with Uranus, ideas come in bright flashes or via sudden synchronicity. Listen between the lines. Take note of little hunches and subtle omens. Don’t be dull. Don’t let your thinking slide into something turgidRead More…

Astro-Decor-Query: Which Bedroom?

Okay, here goes. This should yield some interesting results. Citing your astro-signature (Sun, Moon, Rising Sign but you can be as fancy or as simply as you want), which of these two bedrooms would you prefer to be yours? Or, which one does yours most resemble. Each are from houses featured in swank shelter mags so don’t imagine those books, above, are dusty or naff.

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