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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde And The Orphaned Tags

Mercury Retrograde has multiple manifestations, as you know. That is particularly the case when it’s in Sagittarius, approaching the Mercury of Jimi Hendrix FYI. Psychedelia incoming. Anyway, Tarik and I are doing a site sweep – it is like a digital declutter – and just “evoked” over 1000 “orphaned tags.” They were attached to posts that merged with other posts, were deleted or they are still only drafts.  Here, as …

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This Is Relevant For Every Pluto Transit Ever

Haute Leo Poet Andrea Gibson* is always relevant but this concept is some sort of meta-relevant.  It could be fenced off with hazard lights as the top-secret Ground Zero of the Pluto Zone. My theory is that the “people we once were” become “shadow selves” that exist alongside us, like ghost code in a machine that occasionally inserts itself into the official and contemporary operating system.  And with a Pluto Transit, …

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Happy New Plutonic Moon

Happy New Plutonic Moon! “WHY Plutonic?” you may be asking, a slight edge in your voice as you tighten your grip on the rose quartz dagger or other New Age accessory of the moment. Okay, it’s Plutonic as Pluto squares this New Moon at the Zap Zone degree of the Uranus/Pluto squares of 2015 and 2016.  And it’s a New Moon in Libra with Venus, the ruler of Libra, recently …

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Pluto Resurgent

Pluto turning Direct has a presence. It’s an atmosphere, like that of before a storm, only it’s all etheric. The antidote to that edgy Pluto Direct foreboding? A spirit-driven reorganization of life. In Capricorn, it’s probably going to be channeled through something supremely practical. From the outside, it will look as if you’re just canceling appointments or changing financial plans. But for the next 48 hours, even the most mundane morphs …

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* High Voltage Mars-Uranus Vibe Control

Welcome to High Voltage Mars Uranus Vibe Control HQ. It’s a surreal week, like a gigantic, psyched up Mercury Retrograde. The high Uranian vibe volt is surging through everything – machines, Muggles with Attitude, animals and us. Short Version, if you don’t care about the astro-guff below: stay supernaturally calm even as you ignore/dismantle/transcend legacy aspects of an economy and culture that is in rapid morph mode. Channel the acute …

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Solar Eclipse In Leo

Solar Eclipse In Leo = Self-Powered Acceleration

Solar Eclipse In Leo Relaunch The first try of NASA’s Sun Probe Rocket Launch got delayed because of a “last minute technical problem.” Go Mercury Retrograde.* But our Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo launch is A-Ok. All systems are firing anew.  The days leading up to the Solar Eclipse – the finale of three over July and August – were a vortex of paranoia, self-doubt, memory, and desire. Now, …

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