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Horoscopes Versus Transits – Explained

What is a horoscope? Is it the same as a transit? “Mystic, why does my Year Ahead Report say Pluto is in my Seventh House, but my Horoscope says it’s in the 2nd?” The Horoscopes Versus Transits question comes up semi-frequently, usually from people confused about an apparent contradiction between the two. And it is bewildering. Astrology has different dimensions to it. There is the general cosmic ‘weather’ as played …

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The Mercury Retrograde Time Out Of Mind Warp

Mercury Retrograde March 2019 is a doozie. Now here is a cosmic puzzle for you. Just as Uranus in Taurus demands next-level sanctuary and simplicity, the weirdest Mercury Retrograde since 2013 is bringing it with barely controlled chaos. It’s a Memory Trickster: profound thought processes and sudden-onset ‘can’t remember the PIN you’ve had for years.’ Other manifestations: Straight-forward transactions riddled with irrational hostility. Distancing from the people you’d usually share …

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The Deeper Dimensions Of Mercury Retrograde

Every Mercury Retrograde has its deeper dimensions. But they are particularly apparent during one like this; Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, for the longest time since 2013. Yes, it is a time when appliances are more likely to go kaput, and you probably shouldn’t scrawl your signature on anything binding. But the break-downs, scheduling mishaps and mixed messaging are just the surface manifestation of the magical flux. Mercury is a deity …

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mars people

How To Understand The Mars People

To understand Mars Astrology, you only have to meet the Mars People. Who are the Mars People? They are the people born with Mars in Aries, Capricorn or Scorpio. Or, the 1st House, 8th House or 10th House. Alternatively, their natal Mars is any sign/house but strengthened by a tight conjunction to Pluto, Uranus or Saturn. Mars Astrology In (Accelerated) Motion They Are Nuance Phobic and oblivious to tone, operating …

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Mercury Retrograde 2019

The Weirdest Mercury Retrograde Since 2013

You know it’s going to be a particularly weird Mercury Retrograde 2019 when things start turning screw the moment Mercury gets into the Shadow Zone. Both my Skype and text messaging windows are suddenly serving compulsory emoticons; I have to enter an emoticon before I can type a single letter. I got a payment of $44 into my bank account that has no explanation, other than the word “master” and …

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Mars in Taurus

The Uranian Front-Runner: Mars In Taurus Takes Stock

Mars in Taurus is the front runner to Uranus in Taurus, here from March 6/7. If you’re astute, you can read the upcoming Uranus in Taurus themes between the lines of the news stories. Of course, the conversation is about boundaries and borders. It’s Taurus. Turf is important. You can’t have a planetary shift as significant as this one without geopolitical restructuring to some degree. As in the post about …

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