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The Saturn Files: Careless Versus Carefree

Saturn transits do a damn good job. But you often don’t realize it until some random event or encounter gives you perspective. Right on cue with the North Node in Leo being smack-bang where it was 19 years ago, i ran into a Sagittarius gentleman last seen – yes –  19 years ago. It was weird. He seemed to be, apart from some of the effects of gravity and wind, …

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When You’re Ruled By Venus

  When You’re Ruled By Venus, you’re attuned to Venus Retrogrades and the shift from Venus sign to Venus sign. Your taste is immaculate. You’re textural, sensual and romantically intelligent. You’re one of the Venus People. People seek your relationship advice, and you may work in the field of counseling, beauty therapy, diplomacy, and style. How do you know if you’re ruled by Venus? Easy. You’ll have Libra or Taurus …

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Squad Leo

For more nuanced optics on this Leo Moon and its sync to Venus + some other interesting factors, see your Horoscopes. However, the next 48+ hours are a prelude to the thrill that is the mystical North Node of the Moon into Leo next week – this is not so much follow your bliss as embody your bliss – self-actualization to the max. Think also a la the potential for …

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Mars In Gemini Is Magic

  Mars in Gemini = Mars in Magician Mode. The Action Planet in the realms of Mercury lends itself to feats of dexterity, speed-processing, and eloquence. It’s like catnip for the Air signs and the Mutables.  Between now and June 5, Mars makes a number of daring moves, favoring swift-evolution, words, and word-smiths.  It is also easier to move between worlds, spheres of influence or different terrains when Mars is …

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Saturn Conjunct Pluto In Capricorn

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is coming. Is anxiety about Saturn into Capricorn from December 2017 warranted?  No, not at all.  Not in my opinion. I don’t read much work by other astrologers – not enough time and well, you know, my Mercury is in Aries. But I have picked up on a general theme of “Saturn is Coming” relayed in ominous tones, much like “Winter is Coming,” if you …

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Venus Retrograde meaning

Venusian Flux

  What is the Venus Retrograde meaning? It’s simple. When you see Venus Retrograde think Venusian Flux. It’s Venus Vibe – love, sex, art, beauty, fashion and culture  – but not as you know it. If you’re born during a Venus Retrograde, your aesthetic and romantic sensibility is usually unique, nuanced and outside of the environment you were raised in. When Venus is Retrograde like it is now, everyone gets …

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