The Queen Of Swords

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The Queen of Swords in Astrology and Tarot. When the Queen of Swords pops up in a Tarot read, she is an Air sign woman influencing the situation.  Or this Queen can be a strong suggestion that you deploy logic [ Read more…]

Tarot Card Consults In The Eighties

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Yes, Millennials – Eighties Tarot readings were honestly like this. Seriously though, there is something thrilling about the way Joan Collins says the word “regiments” in this clip. Remember, it was the Pluto in Scorpio era. We had mousse that [ Read more…]

Tarot reading scene in James Bond movie. Woman in orange oriental style evening gown with Tarot spread

Be Your Own Most Trusted Psychic

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Everyone wants a psychic they trust, but ultimately, you are your best source of psychic information. Access your intuition. Find your optimal psychic groove. Tarot, the I-Ching, the Oracle on here: they all work via synchronicity. Information is around on [ Read more…]