Read cool commentary about Tarot and other forms of divination. The universe is always messaging us. And anyone can access Quintessence (5th Element) by cultivating their intuition.

Tarot is one of the most ancient and enduring methods of gaining insight into situations, relationships and the momentum of time. It helps you become fluent in the language of your subconscious, that inland ocean of the psyche that informs our dreams.

Call it magic, call it Dark Matter or say it’s synchronicity – it is real and you are hooked up to it.

When The Tarot Is Literal

Can Tarot be literal? Yes! Tarot works in three main modes. There is the ancient and enduring symbolism of the Major Arcana, which so often reflects our inner narrative, rather than outward events. An example: a person getting the Tower may restless around a relationship, wanting to leave it. The Tower shows that agitation, aptly, as opposed to any situation incoming that would break up the relationship. Judgment is a …

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What Should My Next Move Be?

A new Oracle Question is up!  What Should My Next Move Be? As per usual with the Oracle, it has its weird, quirky wisdom. It runs off synchronicity and 5th Elemental Vibe. But, like any divination, it connects you with your self. It’s a conduit to your intuition and the part of you that knows what’s up. And, okay, guides, Quintessence, and magic. Approached with the right mindset – not …

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Online Oracle

Rogue Oracle

Can An Online Oracle Have A Sense Of Humor? Dear Mystic, Does the Oracle have a sense of humor? I’ve been doing really well with moving on with life. I have specifically not tarried in the slipstream of the last year with a narcissistic Aries man. BUT, as I was poking around on the Oracle this evening, I thought I’d just click on “Is X thinking of me right now?” …

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Antimony, a symbol from the Alchemy Tarot

Questions About The New Single Card Tarot Reading

The Single Card Tarot Reading is themed around Alchemy and Uranian Astrology. It has 60 cards and is perfect for a fast flash vibe. Dearest Mystic, I just can say that I am so happy that I have found you (don’t even know how anymore). Your brilliant insights and info have been accompanying and supporting me more than for six years now (all through the Zap Zone). Everything in my …

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Divination Tips For The New Moon In Pisces

Frequently Requested: Divination Tips. How, people want to know, can they get the best results from an Oracle or Tarot reading, either the ones on this site or anywhere? The New Moon in Pisces is the perfect time to ponder such matters so, voila: (1) Don’t expect the Full Reveal. There is a Grand Unifying Underlying Cosmic Principle or Theory weaving fate-lines through multiple dimensions, loves and lives. But it …

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The Queen Of Swords

The Queen of Swords in Astrology and Tarot. When the Queen of Swords pops up in a Tarot read, she is an Air sign woman influencing the situation.  Or this Queen can be a strong suggestion that you deploy logic and airy wisdom to a situation. That is as opposed to the ‘stay put no matter what‘ energy of Earth, the gung-ho forward charge velocity of Fire or diffuse emotional …

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