Lauren Bacall Red Cross World War II

So Absolutely Virgo

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Lauren Bacall looks so absolutely Virgo here.  The cool, details-appraising gaze, the composure.  Even the “nurse” theme is tres Virgo.  There is a touch of the Nurse Archetype in every Virgo, don’t you think?  And has anyone in a relationship [ Read more…]

The Tao Of Virgo, Explained

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“When I feel depressed and I have a bad day or something terrible has happened or I have to face something, I go through a very precise ritual getting dressed in the morning. In a sense it is armor; I’m [ Read more…]

Queen Elizabeth magical symbolism

The Rainbow Queen

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“…It was painted preseumably when Elizabeth I was already in her sixties, yet depicts her with the smooth face of youth.  Rife with symbols, it is one of the most beautiful and mystical depictions of any monarch.  Note the eyes [ Read more…]

Helvetica film

Go To Helvetica

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Once when i used Comic Sans Serif in my Daily Mystic email, i received about a dozen impassioned lecture-rants. Nearly all were from Virgos, eloquently slagging the vulgarity and general hideous implications of the Comic Sans Serif font. Corrected, i [ Read more…]

Pulp science fiction image of woman in lab mixing up potions

Is Virgo O.C.D. A Thing?

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Is Virgo O.C.D. a thing? That is, could the renowned Virgo Vision deteriorate into an actual disorder if not kept in check? Virgos are naturally precision-oriented. Their attention to detail can sometimes get a bit over the top. But are [ Read more…]