Virgo CEO

Virgo Reloaded

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Marius Kloppers – BHP  O.m.g. so i was reading this SMH Article about how the BHP chief boss guy HATES clutter & I thought Virgo-Virgo-Virgo to the max.  And so he IS. In fact, Mr Kloppers is Mercury-Sun-Pluto conjunct in [ Read more…]

older cheerleader

Virgo Does Vengeance

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“…When Laura Vikmanis’ husband ran off with a younger woman, the 39-year-old knew she needed something to cheer herself up. As she sat during the interval of a Cincinnati Bengals American football game watching the leaps and twirls of the [ Read more…]

pulp fiction sexy nurse patient scenario

Ward 69 At Saint Virgos

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Robert A Maguire Once upon a time, my astrology teacher told me in an aside that Virgos (all Virgos) had either nurse fantasies (sexual) or doctor-nurse romance fantasies. He was quite insistent. But then again, his ex-wife was a Virgo. [ Read more…]