Every Virgo comes equipped with a super-power called Virgo Vision. The only disadvantage is that they cannot turn it off. They’re always on auto-scan for nuance and detail to feed into their vast Pattern Recognition Matrix. From Mary Shelley’s ahead-of-her-time genius to the confessions of a particularly observant Virgo Pilates Instructor, upgrade your Virgo knowledge base.

The Punctuation Warrior correcting a street sign

What Sign Is The Punctuation Hero?

“…After enduring sloppy punctuation on the street sign outside his home for more than a year, Stefan Gatward could stand it no longer. The 62-year-old former soldier decided to launch a one-man crusade against ‘dumbed down’ Britain, and picked up a paintbrush to insert a missing apostrophe. This turned the incorrect St Johns Close into the correct St John’s Close. “…But he was immediately accused of being a vandal by …

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Claudia Schiffer with Barbie doll

Inner Child 101

 I thought the whole Inner Child seemed to erupt in the 90s but apparently it emerged in the 70s. I think i did one session with someone re it once & it was surprisingly healing, although v.easy to wallow, I imagine, if you wanted to. It was to do with something traumatic & the therapist got me to go back and talk to myself as a five year old etc …

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Virgo Personality

Virgo Personality Trait Number One

The Virgo personality trait number one is that they all think they’re ‘not the typical Virgo.’ They’ll protest that they’re disorganized and lazy. Or insist that they’re addicted to chocolate and never change their sheets. They will find something to illustrate their non-Virgoness. But it’s denial. They’re Virgo all right. “I am like the opposite of what Virgos are meant to be like. Are you aware that your left sock …

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Virgo woman wheat sheaves

The Virgo Woman In Bed

Once I got an email asking about the “Virgo woman in bed,” and the first thing that came to my mind was that the sheets would need to be clean. Mind you; I have Mars in Virgo. But Virgoans are not all about the stapler fetish, punctuality & correcting your pronunciation as you emote. They have an abundant inner life. Or, indeed, outer life. Virgo is half School Sock Monitor …

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Stationery Fetish

How Virgo Are You?

If only one of these pictures arouses you then you are Just Virgo Enough. Two? You’re an Official Virgo & probably already making a list of desirable stationery on one of your several ‘clean’ pads that just happen to be at hand. Three? Virgo Absolute. And you don’t need me nor stationery websites to inspire your, uh, preference. UPDATE: Oh Bliss – Scorpalicious Robot, clearly a stationery fetishist of some …

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Ancient astrology Virgo Libra

Astraea – The Star Maiden & Virgo

The “maiden” of the Virgo symbol is Astraea the Star Maiden. She is linked to Virgo but also to Libra, as she was the Goddess of Justice.  In Greek mythology, she left the Earth (in disgust at the inequity) and was transformed into the constellation of Virgo. Her name literally means “maiden of the stars.” “…The Age Of Gold was the first age of the world, without hardship or toil …

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