Joan Jett performing

Astro-Joan Jett- Ultra Virgo…

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Imagine how weird and yet cool it would be to have your late teens turned into a movie…Joan Jett is played by Kristen Stewart in The Runaways, also starring Dakota Fanning…it looks so beautifully styled, all L.A. Glam Rock-Seventies Hair [ Read more…]

Ingrid Bergman in floral dress

Ingrid Bergman – Ultra Virgo

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This is Isabella Rossellini, writing about her mother, the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman: “Never leave a room empty-handed,” she would often say to me, meaning that there’s always a glass in the living room that needs to be taken to [ Read more…]

lady in waiting to Jane Seymour

A Virgo Of Yore

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Even though this pic dates from the 1530s, she looks like a Virgo does she not? If you click through to the Wiki, you see that art historians think she might have been a Mary Zouch (maid of honour to [ Read more…]

Alma Mahler portrait

Happy Birthday -Alma Mahler…

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“Nothing tastes better than the sperm of a genius,” said Alma Mahler OMG, what a fantastic pick-up line. Whom says Virgoans are prudish????  Never me. More: “A liberated, passionate, mystical-erotic, half irrational, who within 1890 to 1930 represented Europe’s outermost [ Read more…]