Every Virgo comes equipped with a super-power called Virgo Vision. The only disadvantage is that they cannot turn it off. They’re always on auto-scan for nuance and detail to feed into their vast Pattern Recognition Matrix. From Mary Shelley’s ahead-of-her-time genius to the confessions of a particularly observant Virgo Pilates Instructor, upgrade your Virgo knowledge base.

woman with head inside washing machine at laundromat

How Deep Is Your Virgo?

Forget figuring out how Plutonic you are. We are ALL Plutonian at the moment. Thank YOU Full Moon in Scorpio building, Chiron sextile Pluto et al. I’m more interested in conjuring up a Virgo Test. What sort of multiple choice questions would there be? Mismatched Socks (a) Annoy you. (b) W.T.F.? Who gives a fuq? (c) Don’t happen in your household because of the system? (d) Will be hunted down …

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Joan Jett performing

Astro-Joan Jett- Ultra Virgo…

Imagine how weird and yet cool it would be to have your late teens turned into a movie…Joan Jett is played by Kristen Stewart in The Runaways, also starring Dakota Fanning…it looks so beautifully styled, all L.A. Glam Rock-Seventies Hair & an all-girl band banging around the place. Joan Jett is still totally going for it (performing, sporting black leather trousers, attempting to break artistic boundaries etc)  & interestingly, this …

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Ingrid Bergman in floral dress

Ingrid Bergman – Ultra Virgo

This is Isabella Rossellini, writing about her mother, the Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman: “Never leave a room empty-handed,” she would often say to me, meaning that there’s always a glass in the living room that needs to be taken to the kitchen sink, a magazine in the bedroom that has to be returned to the living room, and so on. She taught me how to be orderly and how to …

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lady in waiting to Jane Seymour

A Virgo Of Yore

Even though this pic dates from the 1530s, she looks like a Virgo does she not? If you click through to the Wiki, you see that art historians think she might have been a Mary Zouch (maid of honour to Jane Seymour) or an Anne Gainsford – lady in waiting to Anne Boelyn. The Wiki also says her brooch depicts Fortuna Image: Hans Holbein The Younger

Padma Lakshmi at home in her bedroom

Astro-Decor: Padma Lakshmi & A Portrait Of YOU Above Your Bed?

Harpers Bazaar Australian Fashion I  have been like this since I was about nine and I doubt now that it’s ever going to change. I go bats for the Boho beauties & want to know all about them. So I saw an article on the Padma Lakshmi Indian born M.T.A ex-wife of Salman Rushdie-turned cooking show hostess, jewellery designer and currently mother-to-be-only-she-refusing-to-name-the-father and i LOVED HER. The last thing I …

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Young Patrick Swayze on horse

Astro-Patrick Swayze & Is Virgo The Handmaiden To Leo?

Oh dear, the grim reaper strikes again. I so wasn’t going to do this but then i altered my mind…Poor Patrick Swayze – he was a truly fab & talented multiple conjunct Leo — Sun-Mercury-Pluto. This is also interesting for Astro-Fiends: at the time of his passing, he had Saturn on his Virgo Asc & squaring the Gemini midheaven exact. As I say, interesting but not at ALL a usual …

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