Andej Pejic astrology

Astro Andej Pejic

Nationality Bosnian Birth Date August 28, 1991 Status Rising star Known for Androgynous look, Hair, Style Agencies DNA, Storm Friends Lea T Interests Reading Karl Marx, Politics Andej Pejic is a 19 yro Serbo-Australian model who has become renowned for [ Read more…]

art woman sorting drawers with monsters

And The Sun Is In Virgo

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Is this how Virgoans view the task of sorting out their drawers? It’s a scary thought but perfectly plausible. Now the Zap Zone is dying down and the Sun segues into Virgo, making a beneficial trine to Pluto and heading [ Read more…]

Greta Garbo with Lion

Virgoan Composure Is For Real

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No, Virgoan composure is no mere myth.  Virgo Greta Garbo, above, is most likely not leaning away from the lion due to fear, but because she has noticed his mane could do with a wash. She’s worried about jungle lion [ Read more…]

beautiful laundry room

The Virgoan Laundry Room

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Yes.  Never mind Saturn being up their bum, contemplating the perfection of this Virgoan Laundry Room should distract Virgos for a bit. Surely. Okay, so a multiple conjunct Virgo might be concerned about the grouting between the tiles and that [ Read more…]

woman with head inside washing machine at laundromat

How Deep Is Your Virgo?

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Forget figuring out how Plutonic you are. We are ALL Plutonian at the moment. Thank YOU Full Moon in Scorpio building, Chiron sextile Pluto et al. I’m more interested in conjuring up a Virgo Test. What sort of multiple choice [ Read more…]