George Cruickshank Scorpio vintage caricature Scorpio

He Did Not Like Scorpios

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This image is a somewhat Gothic little take on Scorpio history. George Cruikshank was a caricaturist of the 1800s – huge in his day – who clearly did not like Scorpios. All of his other astrological pieces are more or [ Read more…]

Snake Wrapped Around Five Swords

Big Scorpio Pimpin

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Hi Mystic! Have you ever noticed how Scorpios all seem to have the same view of karma? At the very least, all the Scorps I know believe that: 1. People can fuq with me if they want to, Karma will [ Read more…]

Citizen Pluto

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Bjork’s tattoo is the Viking/Germanic Vegvisir – a Runic compass, to help you find the way no matter how hard, rough or stormy the weather. Beautiful, right? She is into Runes, mythology and astrology…Remember her talking about her ultra-Scorp chart? [ Read more…]