Margaret Atwood Loves Astrology

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Margaret Atwood loves astrology, uses it in her novels (please tell me Handmaid’s Tale was not a take on Pluto in Capricorn) and has Moon Mars in Aquarius. That’s possibly the best placement ever for cool literary eloquence around dark, [ Read more…]

Debbie Harry as Tutankhamun

Saint Scorpio


“The good Christian should beware of astrologers. The danger already exists that astrologers have made a covenant with the devil to darken the spirit and confine man in the bonds of Hell.” St. Augustine of Hippo   Lol, right?  I [ Read more…]

A Scorpio Woman Is A Warrior

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A Scorpio woman is a warrior. Few were as thoroughly Scorpionic, fierce and Plutonic as the Golden Era Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr. “A Scorpio woman has extreme highs and lows of desire; my birth sign also says I’m a worrier. [ Read more…]

God Is Dead But My Hair Is Perfect

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“God is dead but my hair is perfect” is an apocryphal saying attributed to the French, Scorpio and Leo Rising philosopher Bernard Henri Levy. He is, in fact, insanely Leo Rising, spewing forth controversial comments that have kept him front-of-mind [ Read more…]