Scorpio – Venomous Desert Creature or Noble Phoenix? Or does it depend what phase of the Moon you get them on? They’re Pluto-affiliated, know more about you than they let on, and secretly consider mystique to be their greatest asset. Scorpios will say their primordial instincts are because they meditate but really, they’ve remained in touch with the reptilian realm of their brain. Browse dozens of cool posts on inspirational (or notorious) Scorpio people.

Ask Mystic: Getting Over A Sexy Scorp

Dear Mystic, I’ve never done this but your horoscopes and blogposts are so insightful (seriously, I’ve got my 2018 key dates pinned down and I’m ready to rumble!) so I thought I would ask about getting out of a love rut. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I went ahead and made a move on my sexy Scorp crush. It was nerve-wracking (I’m a Leo, Aqua rising, Libra Moon) and I usually …

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Scorpio Organisational Inspo

This Scorpio has created a super inspirational astrology calendar and planner using the data from the Mystic Medusa Moon Calendar + her goal stalking genius. Dear Mystic, My Mead Planner has a monthly calendar which I use for scheduling. I “red” out when I expect my moon cycle and “black” out the dark moon so I remember to go lighter on those days. Then I have the weekly planner which …

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Legacy Halloween

Yes I am aware that contemporary Halloween is about confectionary and costumes, fake cobwebs and pumpkins. I am reliably informed that this year’s big teen theme for Halloween is “90s video games like Mortal Kombat – the Stephen King clown being too “twelvie.” But I am doing Halloween the old way this year – the Samhain way – and the door shut tight all night with a line of salt …

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Fresh Vibe Up

Hands up who hasn’t zoomed in and done major analytics fiend depth focus in the last nearly seven weeks of Mars in Virgo. It’s been fab, we have more data now and more than likely some exquisite clarity. It’s not true clarity if it is not just a little bit irking or confronting. Now Mars is in Libra and the strategy shifts – Every movement of Mars requires fresh tactics. …

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Dorothy Dandridge – The Original Triple Threat

Dorothy Dandridge was a Triple Threat in the classic sense of the phrase; an accomplished singer, dancer, and actress. She was also a Triple Scorpio; Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter aligned in the sign of the Scorpion. She was of the same Neptune in Leo generation as Marilyn Monroe and Ava Gardner – she also had Leo Rising, like Monroe. Later she was referred to as “the black Marilyn Monroe.” She …

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Colin Kaepernick – Plutonian

The Colin Kaepernick astrology is Plutonic A.F.  If you have not heard of him yet, Colin Kaepernick is the San Francisco football player (and big star) gathering equal parts applause and outrage for his USA national anthem protests. “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after …

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