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The Young ones at their share house kitchen table

Sun Sign Survey: What Sign Was Your Weirdest Flatmate?!

AM sorting out the archives and this is SO FUN I think I am going to bung it right here, right now – Because not all of us have shared…YET. YOUR WEIRDEST FLATMATE WAS WHAT SIGN?! Or housemate/roomate, whatever? I have three contenders for this…And, to be fair, I am sure that i was someone’s weirdest flatmate myself. I think it is always worth acknowledging that point.But these flatmates were …

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woman in turquoise evening gown with scuba diver

Astro-Gaga: What Are Their Signs & What Is Happening Here?

Her astrologer had said there was NOTHING inherently wrong with a Leo dating a Sagg. That in fact, they were really compatible, both Fire Signs and that there was WAY more to their chemistry than just the Sun Signs. So when he said he didn’t like formal occasions, how the hell was she to suspect the absurd lengths he would go to avoid one??? Her Sagittarius lover is equally confused. …

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Kathryn Bigelow in jeans

Astro-Kathryn Bigelow

Associated Press Wow, is it International Woman’s Day or what? It’s obviously really cool that Kathryn Bigelow has just become the first woman director to win an Oscar – is that right? – and all and I am thrilled. Some astro-points both deep and bimbonic, in no particular order of importance. * She is a Saggo and her Ex, James Cameron – who was competing against her in these Academy …

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The Hood Thong

The Hood-Thong: Saggo-Wear?

The Hood Thong is apparently “temperature controlled” – I am not sure how – maybe as it only covers your crotch and your head? I am thinking that it is the ideal Saggo-Wear…Yes? Cancerians do love to keep their ears warm and the security of a hoodie, they truly do + it feels reassuringly sort of possibly medieval, which they love but I am thinking that the rest of the …

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Turquoise Is The Sagittarius Talisman Stone

Turquoise is the Sagittarius talisman stone, connected to this sign since the most ancient of days. But, classically, it must not be second hand. The Ancient Apache tribe thought it gave hunters, warriors, and archers perfect aim. The Ancient Persians said it was unique and protective to horses. It wards off the Evil Eye by changing color to warn you of impending jealousy. Turquoise signifies strength, protection and the powers …

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Sagittarius archer

The Traits Of Sagittarius – High, Low, Good and Bad

You can’t neatly divide the Traits of A Sagittarius into good and bad, high or low, but I did it anyway. Peruse the lists and see if you concur! The Positive Traits Of A Sagittarius SPUNKY:  Sagittarians are like the people in personal hygiene advertisements would be if they weren’t lying. Sagg really is as comfortable in a ballgown as they are in a pair of jeans, as happy bushwalking …

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