Joumana Haddid is Uranian


Want an inspirational example of a Mars conjunct Uranus woman? How about Joumana Haddad?  I was reading about her in the New York Times. A Sun Sign Sagittarius, she has Moon in Pisces and Mars conjunct Uranus in Libra. Neptune [ Read more…]

Young Keith Richards album cover

I’m Sagittarius…


“I’m Sagittarius, half-man, half-horse, with a license to shit in the street…” Keith Richards Saggos – are you down with this? We should do a statement like this for all the Sun Signs, no? What would yours be?

Jane Fonda doing Archery on the beach

The Sagittarians


Jane Fonda photographed by Dennis Hopper “I am a quester.” Jane Fonda Totally. She is so Sagg and so is this pic of her as the Archer. Rad candour, political activism, exercise fiend, traveloholic, spiritual seeker, restless mind, pilgrim soul [ Read more…]

German paraglider survivor

The Ultimate Saggo

This could be the ULTIMATE SAGGO “A German paraglider is being hailed as “the luckiest woman in the world” after surviving a storm cell that sucked her higher than Mount Everest during a flight in northern New South Wales. Ewa [ Read more…]