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Strange Invisible Sagittarius Review + Competition

A la my review of Strange Invisible Perfumes Scorpio scent, here is my take on their Sagittarius juice. As i type this, i am wearing the fragrance, swallowing a proverbial s-load of vitamins with a swamp juice type smoothie and thinking about how Saturn in Sagittarius really is going to feel FRESH AND NEW.  If Saturn in Scorpio was like the psychic colonic, this is the full-on vitamin & super-nutrients …

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Weekly Horoscopes & Time Godly Weirdness

Voila the Weekly Horoscopes from November 15 are posted and you will notice the tone beginning to shift as we zoom toward a fresh vibe. YES the Zap Zone that we are all familiar with by now (it’s only been going on since 2012 or – arguably – when Pluto hit Capricorn and the Lehman Bros collapsed, high on their own supply of hubris and fuq knows what else. But …

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Sagittarians Take Aim

  Sagittarians, Saturn is coming.  On Christmas Day, more or less. Forget Santa Claus – plump, likes chocolate, may or may not exploit elf labor – and embrace Father Saturn, the God of Time. As the Zap Zone gives way to the great random mutability (no i have not thought of a cool name for the super-mutable vibe of 2015 and beyond yet), Scorpios bid bye-bye to Saturn and Saggos …

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Child Chess Master

The Sagittarian Child Chess Genius

Samuel Reshevsky, age 8, defeating several chess masters at once in France, 1920. Sagittarius Sun conjunct Mercury, Aries Rising and Moon conjunct Uranus…in Aquarius. I LOVE how the guy standing on the far left looks like an attention starved Leo willing the camera gaze his way. Imagine being upstaged and outsmarted by an 8 year old lol.  

Jim Morrison Astrology – He Was Neptunian and Uranian

The Jim Morrison astrology story is unique. He was a Sagittarius with Aquarius Rising and you can see it in his airy, bohemian cool. As the lead singer of the huge-in-their-day band The Doors, he was a sex-symbol and counter-cultural icon for the Pluto in Leo generation. The band name came from Aldous Huxley’s The Doors Of Perception  – an exploration of psychedelic drugs for healing and spiritual exploration. Aldous Huxley* (the …

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