Natalia Vodianova in front of fire

Natalia Plutonic

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Vogue Italia I read in a mag on the weekend that the model Natalia Vodianova just GUZZLES Bach Flower Walnut Essence – a.k.a. Pluto Juice – as it makes her feel protected and grounded. I am so thrilled. Why? Okay, [ Read more…]

Metropolis robot poster

Brigitte Helm & Metropolis

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Today is the birthday of Brigitte Helm, star of the sensational 1920s movie Metropolis… It was released on January 10 1927, with the interesting astro-signature of Jupiter opposite Neptune in Leo, Uranus in Pisces quincunxing the Neptune in Leo. Apt [ Read more…]

Peaches Geldof Selby book shelf

Piscean Bookshelf?

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Can’t remember where i found this pic but it looks like a Piscean bookshelf to me. Though the stuff in front vibes more Gemini…Thoughts? And if anyone wants to send me a pic of their Sun-Sign-Typical bookshelf, i may post [ Read more…]

Art dolphin girl swimming cap


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Well I was so busy pondering the vagaries of Mars Retrograde – believe me, there are many but some brilliant lessons to be learned via a forcible delay as well – I didn’t even notice all the stuff in Pisces. [ Read more…]

surreal modern architecture

Piscean Architecture

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This is a Brain Institute (seriously) in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Lou Ruvo Centre for Brain Health was designed by a Pisces, the eminent Frank Gehry… What do we think? Do all Pisceans visualise constructions thus? Is this fuqed Feng [ Read more…]