Magical realists with erratic boundaries, Pisces are on a unique frequency. They’re empowered by their ruler Neptune in Pisces until 2027, more individuated than in any previous era. Read dozens of posts about Pisces people of all varieties, including rarely mentioned Pisces personality traits.

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She Lucid-Dreams Of Her Exes…Night After Night

Dear Mystic, Being an avid reader of Mystic (yes, I’ve exhausted the Oracle during my love zombie days until it ©øLOL©ös©÷ Me … ) . I have launched a voyage this year to totally revamp myself – ‘out with ye old and in with the fantastic new’. But i have hit a boulder recently…. So I’ve been de-cluttering , feng shui’ng, musing on inspirational reads and icons, adopted crystals, bought …

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Pisceans Are From Neptune

Or maybe from Atlantis. The sexy and always surreal on a Tuesday 22nd Dimension? Anyway, Pisceans it is time to tell all. Neptune was in Pisces from April to August 2011 and then again from early Feb 2012. This time around it is until 2027. Neptune RULES Pisces. Having your ruling planet in your sign for untold years is obviously epic. So some questions:  Pisces – have you become more …

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Running Water Never Grows Stale

The Pisces star sign has one core secret or mode of operating. They know that running water never grows stale. They’re fluid, quantum personas. And FLOW is what you gotta do in the bit of your chart where you have Pisces. See this post for more info. Neptune in Pisces enhances Pisces until the late 2020s so everything Piscean is now enchanted.  Seriously.  Neptune in Pisces is not a planetary …

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The Difference Between Pisces & Gemini

The difference between Pisces & Gemini? Sometimes it’s hard to discern any. Yes, yes – i know – Gemini is ruled by Mercury and Pisces by Neptune. Gemini is mercurial Air to the Piscean nebulous depths of water. So we could argue that Gemini is a more intellectual version of Pisces or that Pisces is like Gemini, only with emotions. They’re both Mutable. VERY Mutable.  Tricky bits of biz. Saggo …

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Nobody Tells This To People Who Are Beginners

Sagacious Advice From A Pisces

This is from the Piscean broadcaster Ira Glass & wow, i wish someone had told me this when i was 18 and getting my (ahem) poetry (mega-mawkish) rejected by mags. The point he makes about the “killer taste” is just gold. Whaddya reckon?


Holy Aphrodite, even packing a pipe and all, Jack Kerouac is still one fantastic bit of fishy maleness once upon a time. He was – as explored here – mega Piscean and if you have not read his “cool” tips, they’re kind of awesome. I just thought of him again today as I read this quote from him and it’s SO Pisces-in-a-funk or Neptune-in-trouble: “I like too many things and …

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