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Whether this weekend is your Spring or your Autumn Equinox, it is a new seasonal moment. The night as long as the day, the Sun crossing Zero degrees of Libra and Gaia at equilibrium. But let’s not get too goo-goo [ Read more…]

Pisces: Before & After This Weekend

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Above: Pisces Before This Weekend. Below: Pisces After This Weekend. Pisces: Your existential funk of the last four days was worthwhile. The Sun-Neptune opposition – in square to the mysterious Great Attractor – allowed you to see the true nature [ Read more…]

A Pisces Took The First Selfie

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The first selfie ever taken captured Pisces Robert Cornelius, at the moment of his Saturn Return. Sadly, it was also when he turned away from invention.  It is the first known deliberate photograph of a human. From Saving The Work [ Read more…]