Nolan Funk Versace

Living La Vida Leo

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Nolan Funk is totally living the Leo dream.  He actually got a “Leo award” lol.  But seriously he has all the requirements: * Epic hair. * A supremely droppable cool name. * Performance-wise, he is not so much as a [ Read more…]

The Miracle Lilith


“I’ve known women who plodded through life…but the women I knew did their plodding on the pavement, not the soil. I know very little about the simple life. I’m a product of crowded places and jammed-up emotions, where right and [ Read more…]

Capricorn Male

The Secretly Magic Capricorn Male


The Capricorn male is often credited with being a creature of spreadsheets, stoicism, and corporate ambition. But they’re also the Hermit archetype of the Tarot. Their worldly quest for success is but a pale imitation of their spiritual journey. Carlos [ Read more…]

Film Poster The Dangers Of The Aquarius. An Aquarius man in a suit with a globe of the world.

The Dangers Of The Aquarius

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The Aquarius is not, of course, dangerous. It’s an ironic propaganda film. Which Sun Sign would you choose to make an allegorical film about? Dear Mystic, I have been addicted to your horoscopes for two years now, thank you, merci. [ Read more…]