Greece Is The Word

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Alexis Tsipras is the new (radical left) Prime Minister of Greece – he’s Leo, so left he named one of his kids after Che Guevara and has “change Europe” as his mantra – not just Greece.  He’s also against the [ Read more…]

Scorpios On Diet Weed

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Some of the most intelligent and accomplished women i know watch Real Housewives Of Anywhere with a nigh religious devotion. I know, i know – it’s supposedly vacuous and self-absorbed, they’re all privileged, the world is going to hell in [ Read more…]

Gemini Versatility Starts Young

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So i don’t usually share this style of anecdote here but this is SUCH a strong illustration of the Gemini Vibe, voila. My teenage Triple Gemini daughter (Sun-Mars-Venus) got such an atrocious school report that i confronted her with the [ Read more…]