Sagittarius Mojo – Reclaimed


Welcome to some good news for Sagittarius. Sure, it has been exhausting. Faith frazzling even. Saturn in Sagittarius problems, that Chiron on the South Node crap, Mars in their Soul Sector doing latrine duty with the psychic guck, their ruling [ Read more…]

Body Language Of Aries

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Aries women body language rarely needs much translation. So i know that Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckham are both women but in this 2005 snap from Monte Carlo, it’s like they have invisible rams horns. It’s a stand-off between two [ Read more…]

Michelangelo’s Shopping List

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Michelangelo’s 16th Century Shopping List is suitably Triple Pisces. Which, of course, he was. And with Sagittarius Rising for super mutability. FYI he also had Pluto in Virgo opposite his Pisces Sun-Mars. Intense. Anyway according to this article, Michelangelo drew [ Read more…]

Aries Of The Ancient Days

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This is one of the most beautiful depictions ever of Aries in history. It is Aries – by Francesco Del Cozza – in 1469.  All the symbols are there, the resplendent Ram, the Sun (as the Sun is exalted in [ Read more…]