What your friends won’t tell you, their Sun Sign will. Sure, it’s not the whole astrological story but the Sun Sign personality is hugely indicative. Enjoy dozens of unique, informative and sometimes humorous posts on the Sun Signs.

Learn more about Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome, Virgo Vision, why Saint Valentine could not have been an Aquarius. Discover the niche, rarely mentioned super-powers of the Sun Signs in posts like The Dominant Gemini Personality Trait and Two Rarely Mentioned Pisces Personality Traits.

Or, compare all of them in The Sun Signs As Cruise Ship Workers.

Ask Mystic: Getting Over A Sexy Scorp

Dear Mystic, I’ve never done this but your horoscopes and blogposts are so insightful (seriously, I’ve got my 2018 key dates pinned down and I’m ready to rumble!) so I thought I would ask about getting out of a love rut. Over the Thanksgiving weekend I went ahead and made a move on my sexy Scorp crush. It was nerve-wracking (I’m a Leo, Aqua rising, Libra Moon) and I usually …

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Zodiac Superheroes

These Zodiac Superheroes are surreal.  It is interesting how Leo is in, you know, a jungle and the rest in dystopian futures or space but Libra – W.t.f.? – is in a hotel corridor with the renowned scales of Libra having been transformed into, um, a funky weapon?  I can’t find an artist statement for these so I am asking instead for YOUR thoughts? Which of the Zodiac Superheroes is …

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The Virgo Conspiracy

Dear God, they’re back. Saturn in Capricorn for Virgo is good! That plus Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is a New Earth Era that augments the Virgo Vibe. Virgos all across Gaia are crawling out from their Saturn in Sagittarius shelters and resuming transmission. Yes, Saturn is still in Sagittarius and thus inhibiting the Virgo Conspiracy to an extent. But Saturn into Capricorn on the Solstice followed by …

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Saturn-Free Sagittarians

Saturn spends two and a half years going through each sign of the Zodiac. When it’s Saturn in your sign, you’re different, more muted and respectful. Even if you’re not having a direct Saturn transit, you feel the Saturnine energy. So there are now 45 more days of Saturn in Sagittarius to go. Today is the day that you can confidently assert to Sagittarius folk that their ever-present sense of …

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A Woman Is Strong When…

“A woman is powerful when her first word isn’t ‘sorry’. A woman is powerful when you forget who the man in her life is. A woman is powerful when she follows her gut. Any woman who belongs to herself has power, and that power is perceived as dangerous.” —  Joan Juliet Buck Lilith in Capricorn is coming.  More soon. Image: Leonora Carrington

Scorpio Organisational Inspo

This Scorpio has created a super inspirational astrology calendar and planner using the data from the Mystic Medusa Moon Calendar + her goal stalking genius. Dear Mystic, My Mead Planner has a monthly calendar which I use for scheduling. I “red” out when I expect my moon cycle and “black” out the dark moon so I remember to go lighter on those days. Then I have the weekly planner which …

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