Virgo woman wheat sheaves

The Virgo Woman In Bed

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Once I got an email asking about the “Virgo woman in bed,” and the first thing that came to my mind was that the sheets would need to be clean. Mind you; I have Mars in Virgo. But Virgoans are [ Read more…]

Stationery Fetish

How Virgo Are You?

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If only one of these pictures arouses you then you are Just Virgo Enough. Two? You’re an Official Virgo & probably already making a list of desirable stationery on one of your several ‘clean’ pads that just happen to be [ Read more…]

Lee Miller modelling

Beautiful Taurean Surrealist

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Today is the birthday of Lee Miller, the Vogue covermodel turned intern & Muse to peeps such as Man Ray & Jean Cocteau to surrealist photographer and then genius photojournalist. Her early life was horrid. She was raped by a [ Read more…]

Chic woman smoking

Sun Sign Survey: Smoking

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Is there any link between smoking and astrology? This pic makes me think of what would have happened to Winona Ryder in Heathers had she grown up and become an architect. Anyway, which Sun Sign is most likely to smoke? [ Read more…]