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Astro-Tamara de Lempicka

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“Born in 1898 to Russian aristocrats, Tamara de Lempicka escaped the Bolsheviks by exhanging her body for freedom, dramatically beginning a sexual career that included most of the influential men and women she painted….” I’ve got Laura Claridge’s Tamara de [ Read more…]

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Sun Signs In Denial

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He Says He’s Not Really A  Saggo The other night, at kickboxing class, i was partnered with a Scorpio. When she told me her sign, she said “Oh well I’m a Scorpio but none of that stuff fits me. I [ Read more…]

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Katherine Hepburn: Uber Taurus

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It is the birthday of Katherine Hepburn. She was a Multiple Conjunct Taurus – Sun, Moon and Mercury – with Scorpio Rising. Venus in Aries and in the 6th House.   Note ornery Taurean stubborness and how Venus-in-Aries is independent [ Read more…]