What your friends won’t tell you, their Sun Sign will. Sure, it’s not the whole astrological story but the Sun Sign personality is hugely indicative. Enjoy dozens of unique, informative and sometimes humorous posts on the Sun Signs.

Learn more about Leo Self-Limiting Syndrome, Virgo Vision, why Saint Valentine could not have been an Aquarius. Discover the niche, rarely mentioned super-powers of the Sun Signs in posts like The Dominant Gemini Personality Trait and Two Rarely Mentioned Pisces Personality Traits.

Or, compare all of them in The Sun Signs As Cruise Ship Workers.

Ask Mystic: Winter Olympics Astro Cartography

Dear Mystic, I’ve been having serious ‘pings’ lately and was wondering if there was some astro that could be explaining it all.  I have a bit of a relationship with the Winter Olympics.  When they were in Turin in 2006, I fell in love with the mens figure skating (as any teenage girl is wont to do), particularly one Canadian skater. What then happened was just a cosmic storm of …

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Multi-Capricorn Cool

Saturnine Cool What is a Multiple Conjunct Capricorn? It just means that you have the Sun, Moon and/or several planets in Capricorn. Exhibit Number One: This is Anthony Hopkin’s Valentine’s Day Instagram post: he is Venus, Mercury, Sun, Ascendant and Jupiter in Capricorn – love his Saturnine Cool. And hey, if you’re doing Saturn, he is as good a Saturn role model as any. Older (as in he is nearing …

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Checking In: Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn for Capricorn? Welcome to more gravitas, gut instinct and being more fully in your body. Capricorns, it has been a month of Saturn – your boss planet – in the constellation of Capricorn. Never mind the presence of Pluto, Mercury, and Eros as well. The Saturn Vibe should feel like a distinct new tone has entered your own personal galaxy. Like a distant, productive humming in the …

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The Accidental (Gemini) Icon

Interested in style at a certain age? Check out Lyn Slater. She became an accidental Gemini style icon after her 2nd Saturn Return. She thinks that ‘dress your age” fashion dictates are a control mechanism. The first time Lyn Slater felt control over her body was at the age of 40, when she got her first tattoo. Twenty-three years later and she’s never felt better. The oldest of six siblings, …

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Pet Astrology Before The Internet

“Baroness Rebay would like very much to have you buy her a copy of Your Dog’s Astrological Horoscope…Will you please send it to her as promptly as you can?” I like the Baroness.  She was a Gemini, an abstract artist and apparently interested in “diverse spiritual and religious ideas.”  This was often the euphemism of the day for magic, astrology, witchy-poo stuff and so on. But i am not sure …

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