Zodiac Superheroes

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These Zodiac Superheroes are surreal.  It is interesting how Leo is in, you know, a jungle and the rest in dystopian futures or space but Libra – W.t.f.? – is in a hotel corridor with the renowned scales of Libra [ Read more…]

The Virgo Conspiracy

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Dear God, they’re back. Saturn in Capricorn for Virgo is good! That plus Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn is a New Earth Era that augments the Virgo Vibe. Virgos all across Gaia are crawling out from their Saturn [ Read more…]

Saturn-Free Sagittarians


Saturn spends two and a half years going through each sign of the Zodiac. When it’s Saturn in your sign, you’re different, more muted and respectful. Even if you’re not having a direct Saturn transit, you feel the Saturnine energy. [ Read more…]

A Woman Is Strong When…

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“A woman is powerful when her first word isn’t ‘sorry’. A woman is powerful when you forget who the man in her life is. A woman is powerful when she follows her gut. Any woman who belongs to herself has [ Read more…]