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The Libra Test

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Are you truly a Libran? You should be able to tell by the calibre of your response to this image. A true Libra is spiritually moved and deeply inspired by such images, revowing his/her intention to more mindfully make over [ Read more…]

John Mayer Rolling Stone cover

Astro-John Mayer

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I’ve read a bit of this interview with John Mayer but enough to generally go with the consensus that he does talk a lot about, er, onanism & sound sort of crass raving on re his love life. Why-why-why when [ Read more…]

Opal Tear Drop


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The birthstone for Libra is, arguably, the Opal. Why is it arguable? Because nobody actually agrees on the birthstones but, for the sake of today, let’s go with Opal. The Ancient Romans linked it with Cupid/Eros – so that is [ Read more…]

Britt Eckland with Bhudda figures

I Am The Perfect Libra

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“I’m a perfect Libra. I have all the best traits of that sign – balance, harmony, diplomacy, a love of beautiful things, creativity. I have never been physically attracted to a Gemini.” Britt Eckland in The Observer