The Libran Tiger Queen

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In the 3rd Century AD Vietmanese girl Trieu Thi Trinh turned herself into a Warrior Queen to resist the Chinese invaders. She is the Vietmanese Jeanne D’Arc and she generated some awesome quotes: “…I will not resign myself to the lot [ Read more…]

Is Chez Libra Always Symmetrical?

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Symmetry is a Libra trait, along with diplomacy, managerial acumen and the mastery of euphemism. Asymmetry disturbs their psyche. Would the obvious outcome for Librans be a need to have everything so symmetrical that it is like a mirror image [ Read more…]

Libra Or Scorpio?

  Backyard Bill Adam Wallace    New York Where did you grow up? America: New Jersey (born), Indiana, Nebraska, Michigan, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio (finished high school) and after that I just kept on going and going and going… Where did [ Read more…]

Libra tattoo on neck

L’Uomo Libran

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Wow, a Libra tattoo on the back of the neck? It seems crashingly un-Libra. So, would you trust this guy or what?

Libran Scientist In Space


Black-Holes, Galaxies, Dark Matter – Who Says Astronomy Can’t Be Occult? I get quite a few scientists emailing & subscribing. They keep it real quiet. I particularly loved this charming email from an Italian Libran Scientist the other day…Italian AND [ Read more…]