From Conscious Uncoupling to the Whim of Steel, Libra is composed and in command of themselves. The core competency of Libra is linked to the trait that they are most derided for, their indecision. But behind the tendency of this sign to not make up their mind at Warp Speed, is an ability to detach and properly consider all aspects of a scenario, sans bias. Browse unique posts featuring Libra people and their sensibility.

The Libran Tiger Queen

In the 3rd Century AD Vietmanese girl Trieu Thi Trinh turned herself into a Warrior Queen to resist the Chinese invaders. She is the Vietmanese Jeanne D’Arc and she generated some awesome quotes: “…I will not resign myself to the lot of women who bow their heads and become concubines. I wish to ride the tempest, tame the waves, kill the sharks. I have no desire to take abuse.” “I only …

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Surreal Art Rabbits

Please Bring Strange Things

“Please bring strange things. Please come bringing new things. Let very old things come into your hands. Let what you do not know come into your eyes. Let desert sand harden your feet. Let the arch of your feet be the mountains. Let the paths of your fingertips be your maps And the ways you go be the lines of your palms. Let there be deep snow in your inbreathing …

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Is Chez Libra Always Symmetrical?

Symmetry is a Libra trait, along with diplomacy, managerial acumen and the mastery of euphemism. Asymmetry disturbs their psyche. Would the obvious outcome for Librans be a need to have everything so symmetrical that it is like a mirror image scenario? I once watched a Libra Rising spend half an hour with a hand mirror trying to ascertain if her eyebrows sat at the same height. She was not a …

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Libra Or Scorpio?

  Backyard Bill Adam Wallace    New York Where did you grow up? America: New Jersey (born), Indiana, Nebraska, Michigan, Oregon, Idaho, Ohio (finished high school) and after that I just kept on going and going and going… Where did you live? South Williamsburg. What is your personal soundtrack at the moment? Whatever is floating thru the air. Your star sign? On the cusp (libra/scorpio). Who is your style icon? …

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Libra tattoo on neck

L’Uomo Libran

Wow, a Libra tattoo on the back of the neck? It seems crashingly un-Libra. So, would you trust this guy or what?

Libran Scientist In Space

Black-Holes, Galaxies, Dark Matter – Who Says Astronomy Can’t Be Occult? I get quite a few scientists emailing & subscribing. They keep it real quiet. I particularly loved this charming email from an Italian Libran Scientist the other day…Italian AND Libran is like too much no? Like the Sagittarian Brazilian Belly-Dancer…but love his anecdote.  I reckon the machine would have been wonking out with Mercury Retro? “….Thanks sooo much Mystic. …

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