The Leo Syndrome

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God it’s like everything is going into Leo – Leo is the new It Destination. AND the Everything in Leo – very soon it will be the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Lilith and Venus – is in aspect to rad planet [ Read more…]

Nolan Funk Versace

Living La Vida Leo

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Nolan Funk is totally living the Leo dream.  He actually got a “Leo award” lol.  But seriously he has all the requirements: * Epic hair. * A supremely droppable cool name. * Performance-wise, he is not so much as a [ Read more…]

Malika Favre


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That’s Leo In as in like Lean In, geddit?  So, okay we need to step back and acknowledge the effort Leo/Leo Rising peeps are having to put in to maintain Full Fab at the moment. Yes Mars in Leo, a [ Read more…]