Regal baby booties with crown

Astro-Baby: The Leo Baby

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The Leo Baby has an extremely sophisticated grasp of music and, from an early age will respond with alacrity to Brahms lullabies & al those classical compositions set at a certain tempo to help babies relax. They may diss standard [ Read more…]

Lion Statue with lion tamer cloack in teeth


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Wannabe Leo-Tamers, get a grip! I don’t think many of you realise  how the transit of Saturn (from August 2005 to September 2007) chastened our Leo…Saturn in Virgo hasn’t done nearly the same amount of ego-dinging to our Virgo because [ Read more…]

Jerry Hall young big hair black and white portrait

Leo Hair Jealousy

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It’s funny but people go ON and ON about the Leonic Madonna’s determination to look ever-young & stay, you know, relevant. But what about the way-older Leo Mick Jagger??? He’s been a fitness-fiend, vitamin vampire puller of young things for [ Read more…]