Medieval Zodiac Illustration

The Capricorn Zodiac Symbol Proves They’re Magic

The Capricorn zodiac symbol has been the Sea Goat for centuries. It only became the Goat in more recent years. Yes, Capricorns climb. Their first impulse is to scale up. But they are also esoteric. This gorgeous illo is a 500-year-old depiction of Capricorn – as is customary with the ye olde astro pix, Capricorn is the magical Mer-Goat. Or, Sea-Goat. You know what this means, right? If you look …

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Kate Moss Hair

Astro-Gaga: Kate Moss Has Leo Rising

Once upon a time we were mystified about what sign Capricorn Kate Moss had rising. Now someone has found out her birth time and it is Leo Rising.  She certainly looks suitably catty and big-haired here. Remember: Leo Rising peeps are often  more Leo than Leo. They always look feline in one way or another. The term “vertiginous glamor” should be compulsory for everyday use.  What does it mean? Glamor …

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Laila Ali boxing

Fuq Impossibility

“Impossible is nothing – impossible is not a fact – it is an opinion.” Okay so fuq impossibility.  I love Laila Ali – she’s a wife, mother, retired boxer, survivor, champion and Capricorn. After her father’s (Muhammed Ali) divorce from her mother, things did not go so well for Ms Ali. She spent time in jail, there was abuse and other challenges.  She owned her own nail salon aged 19 …

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3o Seconds To Mars

Jared Leto: Our New Zap Zone Muse

As soon as i saw Jared Leto had tweeted this, i thought he might be Zap Zoner.  Then today i looked at his chart and dude is a permanent Zap Zone – he is Sun-Midheaven in Capricorn square a whole lot of schizz in Aries: Ascendent, Moon, Chiron & Mars…opposite Pluto in Libra. Obviously i always thought he was cool but this clinched it. So i now declare him our …

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A Capricorn Woman Reinvents Herself In Paris

After being made redundant and a mid-life meltdown, a Capricorn woman reinvents herself in Paris. Here is her eloquent take on her Pluto in Capricorn coup. For a Cap having a mid-life meltdown, softened by the golden parachute of a redundancy payout, it was really no contest. I might as well be unemployed in Paris as unemployed in Melbourne. Loveliness is consoling, and I needed a lot of consoling. The …

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Astro Lena Dunham

Jupiter over her Sun-Mercury in Taurus last year was good to Lena Dunham – i’m sure she’s Leo Rising (she’s cat-like, creative and brazen enough) and that would make it Sun/Mercury in the 10th House being oomphed by Jupiter – a total fit. I get her as a cultural phenomenon & all but can’t quite get hooked on Girls. This might be cos i’m not Gen Y enough  – i …

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