Laila Ali boxing

Fuq Impossibility


“Impossible is nothing – impossible is not a fact – it is an opinion.” Okay so fuq impossibility.  I love Laila Ali – she’s a wife, mother, retired boxer, survivor, champion and Capricorn. After her father’s (Muhammed Ali) divorce from [ Read more…]

Astro Lena Dunham

Jupiter over her Sun-Mercury in Taurus last year was good to Lena Dunham – i’m sure she’s Leo Rising (she’s cat-like, creative and brazen enough) and that would make it Sun/Mercury in the 10th House being oomphed by Jupiter – [ Read more…]

Capricorn Con Man

The Capricorn Con Man

Meet Victor Lustig – Capricorn Con Man Extraordinaire. Wanted by 45 different law enforcement agencies during the 1930’s, he conned arch-gangster Al Capone, sold the Eiffel Tower (twice) and wrote a list of Commandments For Con Men that actually seem [ Read more…]