Read dozens of posts featuring the most emotionally intelligent and instinctive sign of the Zodiac. There are more myths and propaganda peddled about this Sun Sign than any other. But Cancer is no mere home-body, they are attuned to land spirits and geomancy. And far from being “mother-obsessed,” this Sun Sign is connected to lineage and psychic heritage.

Nikola Tesla with quantum particles swirling around his head

Nikola Tesla Had Pluto Rising And Loved Lightning

Renegade scientist Nikola Tesla had Pluto Rising and the obsessive intensity that goes with that placement. He loved lightning and alchemy. He was O.C.D about germs and paranoid with good cause. People were out to steal his inventions and they succeeded. The big end of town was always interested in his maverick genius. Like any Plutonic person, he was in constant regeneration mode, most comfortable when compulsively creating. He was …

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Claudia Schiffer with Barbie doll

Inner Child 101

 I thought the whole Inner Child seemed to erupt in the 90s but apparently it emerged in the 70s. I think i did one session with someone re it once & it was surprisingly healing, although v.easy to wallow, I imagine, if you wanted to. It was to do with something traumatic & the therapist got me to go back and talk to myself as a five year old etc …

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MFK FIsher Book Cover

M.F.K. Fisher: Ultra-Crab

Today is the birthday of  M.F.K. Fisher – to call  her a food writer is an understatement. She was fabulosity incarnate, amazingly talented and inspirational. “You can still live with grace and wisdom, if you rely on your own innate sense of what you must do with the resources you have to keep the wolf from sniffing too hungrily through the keyhole.” This is from a book she wrote during the …

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George Sand portrait

Runaway Baroness, Proto-Feminist And Sun Square Uranus

The novelist George Sand was a classic Uranus woman. Or, as I call strongly Uranus influenced people: A Uranian. She was Sun square Uranus and the rad planet was also Trine her North Node. This is her Astral DNA birth chart report here. She was a cross-dressing, bisexual divorcee and self-supported female creative in an era when that was outrageous. Sand was way ahead of her society’s Zeitgeist. From the …

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Cancer Characteristics – High And Low

Read a list of Cancer characteristics separated into Good – or Haute – and Bad – or low. They’re damn tricky to understand, but this will help, guaranteed. The High Version Of Cancerian Is: EMPATHETIC: Cancerians ooze simpatico emotion in the same way other people sweat. They can relate to anyone: the celebrity going through a nasty divorce, the addict who stole their iPhone. Just confiding to one of these …

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