futuristic luxury sixties house

Astro Crab Trillionaire

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Pierre Cardin’s house is totally how i imagine a trillionaire Crab would do things up…Very homie, lots of soft cushy spaces to blog out in, a womb with a view…pools of water & no hard angles. Crabs – you like? [ Read more…]

ornate fantasy fairyland shoes

Cancerians On Catnip

Which Sign would wear these Nicholas Kirkwood Alice in Wonderland shoes?  I am thinking only a Cancerian.  On catnip. And, whilst we are here, do any of you own an actual shoe-maintenance box? With polishing gunk and brushes etc?  If [ Read more…]

Gina Lollobrigida on telephone


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Cancerian Gina Lollobrigida Ages ago I read, in an astrology book I cannot recall, that lady-Cancerians have “the most exquisitely sensitive and finely formed breasts of the Zodiac.” Yes, i remembered the phrase. Astrologically, as you can see from the [ Read more…]