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Saturn Is What You Want

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Tracey Emin Say what you will about Saturn in Libra; at least it affords relationship clarity. ALL relationships. Of course, it’s Saturn so don’t expect a sooky-goo-goo love in (that would be your last wet Neptune dream) or anarchic love [ Read more…]

Julia Roberts Eat Pray Love


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Somehow, i never actually wound up reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s much-raved-up memoir – Eat Pray Love – and now, of course, it is a movie, starring the Scorpionic Ms Julia Roberts. What i do think is that Elizabeth Gilbert is doing [ Read more…]

Tamara Mellon eating junk food

Astro-Tamara Mellon

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This is the Cancerian Shoe Mogul, Tamara Mellon, at home in London, photographed for Harpers Bazaar. Cancerians are the canniest sign of all, you know.  They regularly bulk out the lists of self-made super-successful peeps.  It’s partly their renowned intuitive [ Read more…]