Aries color

The Aries Color Is Red – Always.

The Aries color is Red. It is the color of their ruler Mars, of courage, blood, and fire. Not only is red lucky and empowering for Aries, but it also suits them. For them, it is a neutral or a basic. Even if they are in circumstances where they cannot stand out – an espionage mission, perhaps or trying not to overshadow the bride/their board members/co-stars – the Aries can wear …

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Aslan roaring

Are Leos Really More Likely To Be Atheists???

Personally, I am a Pantheist but i’ve noted that loads of Leos are flamboyant atheists & i sometimes wonder (okay, usually wonder) if it’s because they think THEY are the deity. Seriously, the only celebrity Leo i’ve who does not seem to be an atheist is Madonna.  What do you think? Are Leos more likely to be atheists and if so, why? O.m.g i HAD to obviously mention the two …

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Gucci 2017 sequin jacket with tiger and the word "Loved" on back

The House Where You Have Aries

Out of all the astrology houses, Aries is the most bombastic and well, hot. The house of your zodiac chart where you have Aries is happening. It is where you’re defiantly positive no matter what. You’re blunt, easily offended and brave in this regard. This applies whether or not you have the Sun, Moon or any planets there. But of course, the more astrological entities residing there, the more potent …

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Sylvester holding Tweety by the throat

Void Moon in Aries Caution!

Sylvester the Cat is an Aries & as such, he never-ever gives up. Whilst it’s such an admirable Aries trait, the dogged, Ramzilla in-mission-mode, true grit etc ain’t such a good idea with the Moon Void in Aries & Mercury newly Retrograde. Best to be more Zenny about it. It what? It anything. A Quick Plug For Subscribing: All the relevant Void Moon times – start, end and in timezones …

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Ram in the paddock

None But The Lonely Ram

Pity the poor Aries this month, so dreadfully misunderstood. The Ramzilla ruling planet, Mars, is in the sign of its “fall” as it is the opposite of Mars in Capricorn, which is considered “exalted.” And right now Mars is squaring an about-to-be-retrograde Mercury. Ouch. So our Aries is bouncing about as usual, their personal hotness regime enough in place to ensure nothing seems amiss, but deep down they’re fuming at …

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Female Racing Car Driver Getting Trophy

Lady Revheads – What Sign?

Full on go-carting aged 10, first female to win an IndyCar race & apparently now being groomed as first woman in Formula 1 series (U.S.), Danica Patrick is – ta-dah! – an Aries. And Aries IS so the sign I connect with lady-Revheads. She’s Aries, Moon-in-Aries trined by Uranus in Saggo and opposite (interesting, this) Mars in Libra. Mercury in Pisces & Venus in Aquarius so genuinely not giving a …

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