Astro Vivienne Westwood & Fire Sign Chicks

Today is the 69th birthday of the Brit fashion designer Vivienne Westwood – the self-declared “first punk” and yes she is mega-Aries but also benefits from a Grand Fire trine with mega oomph. Get this:  Sun-Venus in Aries trine Sagittarius Rising trine Pluto-Moon in Leo. That’s a lot of Fire and these take-outs from Guardian profiles amply demonstrate her ornery manner…no?  She also just vibes totally brazenly individuated Fire Sign …

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Lady Gaga in blue sunglasses on cover of V Magazine

Lady Gaga – Aries Or Pisces? This Proves It…

Last March, when i first posted about Lady Gaga & some peeps had the nerve to dispute my Mercury in Aries statement that she would be a big star, there were two different birthdates floating about for her. So i said she was a Pisces.  Now the official birthdate is March 28 – Aries. Though the March 20 birthday still has currency. Anyway, this interview from The Moment totally confirms …

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Lie Detection Van

Astro Gaga – The Aries Spy-Lie Detector

I don’t know why but i visualize the owner of this truck as an Aries Courier turned Spy/Lie Detector after a Pluto transit. So his name is Troy and this is now the job he does. If you ring him, he’ll be there on-the-hop, a bit caffeinated or straight from the gym and insanely buff. He’s got a Cancerian Moon so takes the infidelity/disloyalty aspect of his work v.seriously and …

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Warren Beatty in bed with Goldie Hawn

Astro-Warren Beatty

He’s been apparently blissfully married for years but a new biography out claims major Seventies star Warren Beatty had over 12,000 lovers – not counting the “casual gropes”etc. He essentially averaged a woman a day for 35 years. Legendarily insatiable, gorgeous and vain but NOT a Leo, lol.  His astro is actually really interesting & illuminating as to what sort of (astrological) equipment a pantsman could actually have… He’s said …

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Yasmeen Ghauri in black and white dress

Aries Eyebrows

Yasmeen Ghauri Aries peeps always get credited with having the most over the top (and sometimes beautiful) eyebrows…Their shape itself being reminiscent of the Aries glyph: the Ram’s Horns…Yasmeen Ghauri & Joan Crawford clearly represent the great Aries beauty end of the spectrum but think also of certain Aries men and how their eyebrows become bristly, shooting out in all directions and redolent with a life force all of their …

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Jesus was an Aries

Jesus…An Aries?

HEY GUYS, AM RE-POSTING THIS FROM APRIL AS IT IS A SEASONALLY APPROPRIATE DEBATE, NON? Yes, as someone pointed out a while back, having watched a doco + wanting to have a crack at Ariean fashion sense/sandals – many Christians consider April 6 to be the true birthday of Jesus. Whilst I’ve never gone with the Jesus-as-Capricorn theory, Aries seems a bit off. Surely, Jesus a Piscean? After all, he …

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