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Yes I am reposting this because IT IS TIME: Uranus is just hours away from being in Aries…Until 2019. We are ALL Arieans now. Aries Peeps – please share with us How To Be Aries…I have but a few suggestions.  Each tip has to be one sentence only. Aries Lifestyle Tip One: You do not engage with people who do not show you respect – ever. No negotiations. You just …

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Marlon Brando Had Heaps Of Pluto Squares

Marlon Brando was a multiple conjunct Aries with practically all of his Aries stuff in square to Pluto in Cancer. He was like a walking Zap Zone. A Zap Zone is what i call Cardinal Squares. When any of the Cardinal signs square one another, the result is mega-friction, a chemical reaction, change.  They generate a tonne of power but the person is like a volcano or a walking nuclear …

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Leonora Carrington novel

Aries Ain’t Nobody’s Muse

Rarely do i read of a book and immediately go scampering off to order it – i mean, honestly, how many dull books are there?  Isn’t reading supposed to be a pleasurable leisure pursuit? – but this brill review at Phantasmaphile had me at “Leonora.” Leonora Carrington (an awesome Aries) is one of my fave artists ever – and one of the characters in this book is based on her …

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Bette Davis motivational poster slogan

So Totally Aries

  “I have always been driven by some distant music— a battle hymn no doubt— for I have been at war from the beginning. I rode into the field with sword gleaming and standard flying. I was going to conquer the world.” Bette Davis – so totally Aries  

Wonder Woman in rain with lassoo

Suddenly Aries

Uranus in Aries  has turned me into an Ariean! It’s should not be that surprising – I already have Mercury in Aries and Uranus is my ruling planet.  As you may have seen in this DIY Astro post,  we are always way more sensitized to the movements of our ruling planet. I know Uranus anything tends to manifest fast but this nonetheless amazed me…I became suddenly Ariean on Saturday, at …

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The Young ones at their share house kitchen table

Sun Sign Survey: What Sign Was Your Weirdest Flatmate?!

AM sorting out the archives and this is SO FUN I think I am going to bung it right here, right now – Because not all of us have shared…YET. YOUR WEIRDEST FLATMATE WAS WHAT SIGN?! Or housemate/roomate, whatever? I have three contenders for this…And, to be fair, I am sure that i was someone’s weirdest flatmate myself. I think it is always worth acknowledging that point.But these flatmates were …

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