Surreal art girl with lamb

Inside Every Ram Is A Lamb?

Lori Earley Some say that inside every Ram is a sweet little baby Lamb. So the Ram – like many an Aries – is renowned for foul temper, habit of butting up hard against crap in its way – no nuance – and fleeting devotions to many an Ewe, ram-bam, thank you m’aam though the ‘thank you’ might be a bit much for some Aries peeps. But the LAMB, wow. …

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Lady Gaga natural look

Her Saturn Is Showing

Even though a make-under of Lady Gaga was so clearly now the only way to go with the cover styling, i really love this image of her. It totally reveals her Saturn Rising and then that Mars in Capricorn…exalted, never-give-up.  Her expression looks want-it-all as opposed to haute camp or just made up heaps. Cheekbones, slightly Slavic look to the eyes, heavy-lidded…so Saturn but then she’s got the classic Aries …

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Some Women Choose To Follow Men

When Saturn Is Your Relationship Counsellor

According to her Astrotheme chart, Lady Gaga has Saturn Rising…in Sagittarius. The perspective above IS tres Saturn, don’t you think? It’s also a reflection of her Mars in Capricorn, the strongest Mars of all. It bestows upon peeps a fiendishly powerful work ethic. Hers is conjunct Neptune so she’s into harnessing the Neptunian glamours towards an awesome end. Then there is her Moon in Scorpio – the deepest, darkest powers …

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Ayrton Senna at racetrack

Ayrton Senna; So Aries, So Mars.

So I am thinking that even peeps who don’t give a merde about the Grand Prix, racing car drivers and Formula One would have followed Mr Ayrton Senna in his day. The blurb on Senna – the new doco re his amazing life & sudden demise in a high-speed fiery smash-up – says it all:  the super-charged life of a Formula One legend…Elsewhere: “…a deeply religious man whose need for speed …

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Full Moon Dr Dee poster

Magical Nowness

I have always thought Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) to be a total genius. He is multiple Aries: Sun-Saturn-North Node-Lilith-Mars all tight together in Aries…HOT. And now, he is doing a musical based on the life of one of my fave ever historical characters – John Dee – Spy-Astrologer-Healer-Author-Magician etc. Look at the sensational astro-glyph in the pic above. So i madly want to see/listen to this. Does anyone know anything …

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Leonora Carrington surreal art pagan temple

Sentimentality Is A Form Of Fatigue

The Surrealist Artist Leonora Carrington, who i wrote about here – Aries Ain’t Anyone’s Muse – has just passed. Totally Aries Quote:  “Sentimentality is a form of fatigue” I would like to think she is now re-unioned with her best friend, another amazing surrealist artist, Remedios Varo.

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