She-Aries To The Max

Saw Haywire last night, starring MMA Champion & Cage Fighter Gina Carano as a spy beating up, well, practically everyone. She’s so totally Aries!  It’s kind of surreal seeing a woman with an overtly muscular physique like hers taking on a starring role in a movie and doing all her own kickboxing etc. The plot did my Saturn transit addled head in but she’s awesome. Rolling Stone called her “poetry …

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Edie Sedgwick balancing on rhino in bedroom

Edie Sedgwick Astrology Notes

Here are some Edie Sedgwick astrology notes! Edie Sedgwick was an actress, disinherited heiress, fashion model, Andy Warhol ‘superstar, Aries, and addict. She was hooked on speed, glam, attention, alcohol, and arguably a few other substances.  Where there is magic, charisma, beauty, and addiction, Neptune is never too far away. She was Venus conjunct Uranus in Gemini and Gemini Rising. Neptune squared her Ascendant, and she had a packed 12th …

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model shoot with hand over other models mouth

Mercury In Aries Made Me Do It

Miles Aldridge Vogue Italia Do you have Mercury in Aries?  I do and sometimes it occurs to me that i can blame it for practically everything. YES. Never mind fancy planetary configurations, Pluto Transits that zap you straight to hell and (hopefully) back or those experimental Uranian Dating eras when five minutes can be a year but you’re always in the moment. Forget all that.  You can pin a lot …

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Salvador Dali The Ram

Ram-Bam: Aries On Edge Alert

Salvador Dali – The Ram If it were not so hideously un-Aries, i’d suggest that someone start a support group for Aries peeps.  Tactical and combat ready, of course, nothing like where you sit around whinging. But seriously – Aries are under siege at the moment; Saturn in opposition (cue no-quick-solution relationship merde), their ruling planet Retro in Virgo rendering every 2nd minute of the Ramzilla existence an anal and …

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Rasputins daughter holding a leopard cub

Rasputin’s Aries Daughter

Wow, the lives some people lead! I never knew that Rasputin – you know, the original “mad monk,” peasant-turned psychic adviser to the Russian Royal Family pre-revolution, Aquarius etc etc – had a daughter.  In her day, Maria Rasputin (on the right, above) was: * an Aries * trapped in a loveless marriage in Siberia. * a cabaret dancer * a mother * an author – cookbooks & memoirs of …

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I'm really enjoying travelling and sleeping with good looking people

She’s Wearing It

Her Aries – her Saggo Rising – the Moon in Scorpio: I’m totally seeing it all right here, right now. This is, in its own way, a blazingly feminist statement, for her younger female fan base. That’s if you compare it to – for example – anything kardashian.

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