Michael Fassbender in racing car

Modelling The Triple Aries Dream

Triple Aries and projecting that Neptune Rising in Sagittarius alchemical charisma Dark Matter. Neptune conjunct Ascendant people voodoo the camera. Okay so the laugh looks a little forced but this G.Q. pic totally GROKS Michael Fassbender’s Triple Ariesness (Sun, Venus, Mercury). He has the same Neptunian nonsense going on as Jude Law f.y.i. That look of tricky goo-goo alchemy that works brilliantly with the camera and for their fan base …

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Tranquilize Your Sharks Before A Stunt

So i look at this picture and see an olden days Aries dude, with possibly a prominent Asteroid Gary. But seriously, Mars + Uranus are also omnipotent in the charts of stunt people. The ones who score cult status have Neptune in there as well. eg; Felix Baumgartner, Harry Houdini, David Blaine  – all Aries – and Libran Evil Knievel. He LOOKS Libran. He had Aqua Rising and the requisite …

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Superman pop art - Superman giving the finger

Aries Personality Traits In Quiz Form!

Confused about Aries personality traits? Or wondering if you are really an Aries? Take this simple quiz designed to test your level of Aries qualities. 1) Your company requires you to attend a wilderness retreat involving a five-day horse trek across mountains. You have barely ever ridden a horse. You  (a) Decline. Your corporate performance is beyond reproach. You don’t need to take part in an endeavor so irrelevant to …

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How Art Thou Aries?

Ramzillas arise. T’is time to claim your rightful kingdom. Mars in your sign nearing iconoclastic Uranus is quite enough but you have also Athena (for wisdom) the Feline deities of Bast (Cat Goddess) and Sekhmet (Lion Goddess) + asteroid Magdalena AND Hygeia, the Ancient Roman Goddess of Good Health. Plus in a few days time, the Sun + Venus join the throng AND you get to star in the Zap …

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Felix Baumgartner – Multi Aries, Mars in Saggo

Daredevil Felix Baumgartner has made a record-breaking leap from the edge of space, landing safely in the New Mexico desert after freefalling from more than 39 kilometres above the Earth. The 43-year-old floated down to Earth on a red and white parachute canopy, which he had opened after reaching an unofficial speed of 1137km/h in freefall. The skydiver’s blood could have boiled if there were the slightest tear or crack …

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