Science fiction heroine in helmet with red hair facing looking East. There is a Full Moon in the background and ravens flying around her

Are Aquarians Really All That Avant-Garde After All?

Aquarius people are not always avant-garde or eccentric. There are two broad types of Aquarius – the archetypal Uranian types and the more austere Saturnine ones. Before Caroline and William Herschel discovered Uranus in 1781, Saturn ruled Aquarius. That’s Saturn, as in the Time God/Tarot Hermit that rules Capricorns. In contemporary times, you meet the more flamboyantly unconventional Uranian type Aquarians and their more muted version. Saturnine Aquarians are often …

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texting rules flow chart

An Aquarius Invented This Epic Flow Chart

Texting Rules: Check the Moon Calendar and if it is a Void Moon, don’t. But you can also consult this epic Flow Chart invented by an Aquarius. When I first saw this genius flow chart by Aquarius designer Becca Clason, I knew she had hit on something major. (Click on the chart to see it larger) This ought to be laminated and on the wall of every high school classroom. …

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Help O.M.G. Fuq I Am Aquarius Rising

Dearest Mystic, I CANNOT believe what I found out today that has just blown my mind and everything, EVERYTHING makes more sense: re ME. Okay. So I always thought that yeaaaaaaaah Pisces Rising, it sounds a bit like me a lot of it DIDN’T. I do also have Venus in Pisces so yah. Was never really comfortable about the signs in my houses it didn’t quite fit. It irked me. …

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Tallulah Aqua

Today is the birthday of the multi-Aqua actress Tallulah Bankhead – she achieved stardom in theatre, radio & cinema but was best known for being a brazen individualist, a gin-swilling, Space-Dust snorting, hard-living, blatantly bisexual nudist, wit and eccentric. A rebel from a renowned political family, she was alarmingly candid in her husky baritone of a Southern drawl and had dozens of pets – including a lion, monkey & a …

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Sun Sign Dates

Why Do Sun Sign Dates Vary?

  Why Do Sun Sign Dates Change All The Time? They don’t. But it’s easy to see why you might think that they do. My response to “The Now Extinct Aquarian” may help to illuminate matters. Dear Mystic, Why Does Your Sun Sign Change? I was born at 4.30am in England, on Feb 18th.1947  Although not normally too thick, I  still cannot understand why, after some fifty-odd years being quite …

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Young Linda Evangalista Cosmopolitan cover

That Aquarian Girl

How sad that it is her passing that prompts me to check out the fascinating astro of Ms Helen Gurley Brown. Even if you loathe Cosmo mag for anarcha-feminist reasons, you would agree that it was revolutionary in its day, yes?  She also did a LOT to invent and popularize the notion that to be a single, career-ist woman was not just respectable but actually desirable.  See Sex & The …

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